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Mobile Pay
Product Features:
User Experience
FSS Mobile Pay application offers a unique user interface (UI) interaction to its customers. All the screens are designed with slick, snazzy, and stylish manner with different kind of widgets for easy feature access with limited clicks. Utmost attention has been paid to the UI clarity so that the mobile user can easily comprehend the features and use them without any difficulty.
Auto Application Invocation
FSS Mobile Pay application is always on alert. Even if you close the application after initiating the transaction, the application automatically pops-up on receiving the message from the server.
Mobile Banking in India
Secure Transaction Processing
FSS Mobile Pay application sends only encrypted data. This way, the application ensures the safety of the financial data of the sender. High encryption standards are deployed to encrypt the sensitive data transmitted from mobile.
Private Inbox
FSS Mobile Pay application offers you an Inbox the moment you register your mobile number with it. For security purposes, FSS Mobile Pay does not store any transaction message in your mobile Inbox; however, it uses the application private Inbox for transaction message storage. By default, FSS Mobile Pay stores only the last five messages.
Easy Registration
FSS Mobile Pay application supports registration from multiple channels like ATM, Mobile, WAP, IVR, Branch, and Net Banking. You can start using the FSS Mobile Pay application within maximum three steps. All you have to do is to register your mobile number with FSS Mobile Pay, download the application on to your mobile, and start using it. That's it!
Instant SMS Delivery
FSS Mobile Pay application confirms every successful transaction by sending an SMS with transaction details to both the payee and payer involved in the transaction, the moment it is completed.
Feel at Ease on any Device
FSS Mobile Pay application, once downloaded on to your mobile instrument, has the capability to adjust automatically to the mobile keyboard that your instrument offers. This way, it helps you to use all the keys to key-in any information with the same ease, in the same way that you do it using an external keyboard.
Instant Access to your Banking Service
FSS Mobile Pay application allows you to complete any transaction within a maximum time of 8–20 seconds. The lightweight of the application along with its unique build allows it to take very less time even when the Net connection is too slow.
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