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Product Profile
FSS Mobile Pay, the one and only reliable, efficient, and trusted mobile payment solution, is one of the unique e-payment products from FSS, the pioneer in e-payment solutions. FSS mobile banking & payments solution, FSS Mobile Pay, leverages a single platform to enable customers, retail shop owners, and corporate to provide access to their banking services through SMS, GPRS, 3G, USSD, IVR, and WAP channels. In the last few years, FSS has brought to the market a lot of payment products that can make one’s life easy. FSS Mobile Pay, the leader of mobile payment applications, is a unique product from FSS that offers its registered users a bonanza of services. The benefits of FSS Mobile Pay are not only limited to instant mobile payments but also includes a bevy of other popular services like account balance query, funds transfer, stop check payment, mini statement (last 9 transactions), transaction status, reward point status, locator services, etc.

Forgot your wallet? No worries, you can still continue your shopping and pay the bill through your mobile using FSS Mobile Pay. The modern life is full of speed. 'Instant' is the most popular word in payment domain in today's world. Whatever transaction we do, the settlements are expected to happen in a moment and the related payments are supposed to be received, instantly, in a most secured and transparent way; FSS Mobile Pay 'just' helps you to achieve the same. It not only relieves you from carrying cards (debit/credit/ etc) and your checkbook but also puts in your hand the immense potential of 'instantly pay anybody located anywhere' facility!
Mobile Banking - Features
All you have to do is to register your mobile with FSS Mobile Pay and carry your mobile wherever you go, GLOBALLY. FSS Mobile Pay makes your life easier by allowing you make payments through your mobile in a most secured and transparent manner. In other words, it is a win-win situation, everywhere and every time for you. For example, you can make a payment for your recent purchase while talking with your friend, simultaneously. Moreover, FSS Mobile Pay makes this transaction secure by not storing the mPIN number on your handset.

FSS Mobile Pay, being a scalable application, is capable to integrate the LARGE business enterprises and organizations into its scope and range, seamlessly. Already, with millions of people across the globe are using state-of-the-art FSS Mobile Pay application every day, FSS is determined to leverage cutting-edge technologies and create innovative mobile payment experiences for its customers in the e-payment domain through its easy card less, contact less, and cash less transactions.

In summary, the benefits offered by FSS Mobile Pay are limitless. From allowing you to commit a payment transaction to communicating to both the parties involved, payer and payee, about the status of the committed transaction, FSS Mobile Pay keeps a check on all the events of the transaction to make it an easy, safe, secure, convenient, and affordable one. If you are registered with FSS Mobile Pay, you will never be short of cash whenever you need it irrespective of wherever you are.

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